30 mm

Automatic grenade launcher is an infantry weapon intended for annihilation of covered and uncovered live forces at distances up to 1700 m, as well as for distruction of light armoured combat means at distances up to 1000 m.

Reliability of its functioning in various climates and terrains was confirmed by strict testing methods, in accordance with military standards.

Can only fire bursts, but the rate of fire can be from 50 to 400 grenades per minute.

The interior of the barrel is chrome plated, which provides long service life and precision of the weapon.

The weapon is fed from a belt with the capacity of 29 grenades, placed in the ammunition box. The launcher can fire grenades with anti-personnel, anti-tank, incendiary, smoke and training projectiles.

The design of the tripod enables quick change of combat position. Depending on tactical requirements and at the customer's request, the automatic grenade launcher can be mounted to various types of combat vehicles.

Technical Information

Complete set:

  • Automatic grenade launcher
  • Tripod
  • Aiming device NSBG-1
  • 6 ammunition belts
  • 3 ammunition boxes
  • Tripod sling
  • Carrying bag
  • Spare parts
  • Tools and accessories
  • Handling and maintenance manuals


Optionally, at customer's request, the set can include:


  • Belt filler; quantity as per customer's request or manufacturer's recommendation: 1 belt filler per 3 launchers
  • Rectification sight; quantity as per customer's request or manufacturer's recommendation: 1 sight per 3 launchers


Technical Characteristics :


Caliber (mm)

Capacity of the ammunition box (rounds)

Barrel length


Total length   (mm)



Weight of tripod (kg)

Rate of fire


Maximum effective range








50 - 400